Yunkai Company Holds the Fourth Session of the Twelfth Workers’ Congress

Source: YunKai Electrical Author: YunKai Electrical Time: 2019-04-30 Browse: 1008

In the morning of April 30, 2019, the fourth session of the twelfth workers’ congress and of the eleventh congress of trade union members of Yunnan Switchgear Co.,Ltd and Yunnan Yunkai Electric Co.,Ltd was held in meeting room 3 of Yunnan Yunkai Electric Co.,Ltd. The congress opened in the song of 86 official duties, 18 deputies in attendance and deputies of “Seven Items Pacesetters” singing the National Anthem.    

The participates heard, deliberated and approved the administrative work report entitled “strengthening confidence and finding a way out, overcoming difficulties and promoting reform, and renewing a new chapter of YunKai" with the spirit of craftsman” delivered by Wu Chang Yun, Chairman of the board and general manager; and deliberated and approved in writing the reports on “the implementation of the company’s production and business plan in 2018 ”, on “the production and business plan for 2019”, and the reports on “the financial statements in 2018 and the financial budget for 2019”, and the report on trade union work entitled” thanking our company for improving our quality, making new contributions based on platform”. 

The congress commended three collectives and 36 employees who were awarded the titles of these seven items pacesetters in 2018 (team, management, technique, quality, production and progress). 

The participants unanimously approved the congress resolution. The congress pointed out that in 2019, the company will deeply understand the Party Central Committee’s analysis, judgment and deployment on economic situation, follow the trend of reform and development, and stick to the working keynote of steady progress, adhere to the overall work idea of improving quality and increasing efficiency, and of reducing cost and increasing efficiency, insist on doing fine switchgear main business, steadily promote cooperation projects, promote internal adaptability adjustment of the company in combination with the reform change of higher competent authority, seek new growth of enterprise’s economic development, constantly enhance the market competitiveness of our company and gradually increase employees’ income, raise employee's sense of achievement and happiness. 

The congress called on all staff to strength confidence, overcome difficulties, work hard and do their duties, seriously implement the tasks and goals for 2019, and to renew a new chapter of Yunkai with the spirit of craftsman.