2019 Spring Festival Symposium for veteran cadres held by Yunkai Party committee

Source: YunKai Author: YunKai Time: 2019-01-26 Browse: 670

On Jan.26, the Yunkai company party committee held the 2019 Spring Festival symposium for veteran cadres in meeting room 1. Five company leaders and two general manager assistants, responsible person of management service department for veteran cadres and 12 retired veteran cadres attended the meeting chaired by Zhaoxin, secretary of the company party committee.


In the past 2018, the company attached great importance to the work of veteran cadres. The company took good care of veteran cadres in life and cared for them in spirit, really gave the company’s cares and warmth to them. A good learning and entertainment environment made these cadres feel joyful and happy in the rest of life. They were very satisfied with the work done for them in 2018. And they were also concerned about the company’s business.


Wu Changyun general manager gave the veteran cadres a detailed account of the production and operation situation in 2018, and carefully analyzed the current situation and difficulties the company is facing now. He hoped that the retired veteran cadres can as always support, understand and care for the company. Finally, he wished the retired veteran cadres a happy New Year and good health.


In the discussion, the veteran cadres expressed their opinions, and leaved their valuable comments and suggestions for the future development of the company, and jointly wished the company a brighter future.