Shang Wei president of Yunnan Ronghe Investment Co.,Ltd visits Yunkai Electrci Co.,Ltd for research and guidance

Source: YunKai Author: YunKai Time: 2019-01-30 Browse: 1322

On Jan.29,2019, Shangwei president of Yunnan Ronghe Investment Co.,Ltd, came to our company Yunkai electric for research and guidance.


President Shang wei listened to the introduction to Yunkai current basic situation and Yunkai’s development history made by Yao Yude general manager assistant of Yunkai Electric. Wu Changyun, chairman of the board and general manager focused on the introduction to these four aspects the completion of the company's production and operation indicators in recent years, the company’s future development direction, work objective and major projects. At the meeting, President Shang Wei shows his approval and support to the development of Yunkai company, and also put forward some requirements for the development of the company


President Shang wei also came to the production workshops to inspect the production lines, and to know the production, process flow and quality of Yunkai products.  


The accompanying personnel were as follows: Yao Mu Vice president of Yunnan civil explosive group, Zhang Bin general manager assistant of the company, and these people from Yunkai company Zhao Xin secretary of the party committee, Tang Xingguo deputy secretary of the party committee, Yang Xijiang and Gong Shaocheng, both deputy general manager .